Swad Catering offers best meal at the best value

Excellent preparation of indian & traditional foods

Variety of Menus : From Authentic & standard Odiya menu to a wide range of Delicacies across contents such as Indian, Traditional Odiya food, Chinese, Fast food are our forefront in service crockery etc. We also serve snack items, Juices for small parties such as Birthdays, Get together, Picnic party, Marriage Reception, Kitty Parties, etc.

Facilitates extension of service : When our client come to us then they don't want to go to other places for other related services like Salad Decoration, Ice Carving, Flower Decoration, Specific furniture, Photography, Video shooting, Lighting, Theme parties, Birthday decoration packages, Orchestra, DJ Music Systems etc. because we provide them the above services so that their time is saved. They get all other related services at one shelter.